SoftaMed Cab is a free medical record for the management of medical cabinet, built to adapt to all the specialities, it can be downloaded from this site, Softamed uses as database the lastest version of FreeBase. This program can be used freely. You don't have the right to reproduce it or to sell it or to associate it with a commercial action. [User guide] .
Materials and configuration
We recommend the material and the following configuration:
1- a standard computer Pentium III or IV.
2- 512 MB of RAM, [128 MB for minimum].
3- Windows 2000, the other versions like [95/98/Me/XP] are compatible.
4- Screen 17 inches, for a 1024X768 definition or higher, [800X600 compatible].
5- Sheme [ Windows Standard Broad ].
6- a Printer Laser-Jet [HP], or another Windows compatible printer .
Install Softamed
After download, place SOFTAMEDCABV10.EXE on your desktop and execute it, the program will ask you for a username and password [username = '1234' and password = '1234']. Think to modify These two parameters to make safe your data. Each time you need to run softamed, execute it from your desktop.
Uninstall Softamed
To uninstall Softamed, Delete SOFTAMEDCABV10.EXE and the folder [C:\SoftaMedCab\].
The files [Help] which are published on the site constitute the instructions and the essential technical support for the users. A new support, most probably, will be started and directed by voluntary users. Currently you can put all your questions, give your ideas, and remarks etc... about this project on the [Forum] . Don't hesitate to open a english section.
* Remarks : Any mark quoted on this site, are the marks of the materiel used (software and/or hardware) for the development of Softamed, and cannot be considered as a publicity.
Copyright 2004 Dr Mteyrek Mohamad All rights reserved