Add Patient
Click on [Patient] , and on [Add Name] and on [New], Softamed will open a popup containing three empty fields:
- name.
- prename
- DOB (Date Of Birth).
Fill the fields then click on [add]. The name which comes to be added is selected automatically.
Delete Patient
Select the name that you want to remove, click on [Patient], then on [Delete_Name]. A new window opens requiring of you to confirm the suppression. This confirmation consists in typing the word 'yes', then click on [Delete_Name], or [Cancel].
Modify Patient's Name
Select the name that you want to remove, click on [Patient], then on [Modify_Name]. A new window opens containing two fields one the Name and the second for the prename. Modify Name and Prenam then click on [Modify]. The name will be modified then automatically selected.
Edit data of Patient
Select the name of the patient, by clicking on his name in the drop-down Name-list names or after you added this patient, the program opens a new window to post the data of the patient and a drop-down list of the various consultations. These data are localised in 3 pages, [Admin], [PMH] and [Invst ]. To reach these pages, click on it. For each patient SoftaMedCab allots fields for [Address], [Employment], [Name Insurance] [Number Insurance], [Recommends By], [Sex], [Vaccinations], [Allergy], [Past_medical_history] and a fields for the investigations like biological exams, specific reports, etc ....
Add Consultation
Once a Patient is selected, a list of [Consultations] appear and containing all the consultations of the patient. Click on [Consultation] then click on [Add_CS]. A CS is added to the following fields appear : - [Hx] = Current History. - [CE] = Clinical examination. - [Dx] = Diagnosis. - [Tx] = Treatment.
Edit Consultation
Once that you selected a consultation, after addition or a click on a consultation of the list of the consultations, a framework opens containing empty fields corresponding to: [Complaint], [Weight], [Height], [HC]=Head circonference, [BP max], [BP min], [Hx], [CE], [Dx] and [Tx]. These fields are free and you can fill them according to your consultation. At end of the consultation click once on [Complaint] revealing the field [Fee_CS] and fill your fees. A click on [Fee_CS] will mask this field again and reveal [Complaint].

- [Complaint] = Motif of the consultation appears in the drop-down list [Consultations].
- [Weight] = is in gram.
- [Height] = is in mm.
- [HC] = head circonference is in mm.
- [BP max] = Blood pressure in mmHg.
- [BP min] = in mmHg.
Modify Consultation's date
Select a consultation, then click on [Consultation] then on [Modify_CS_Date], A popup will asking you for the new date, then click on [Modify].
Delete Consultation
Select a consultation, then click on [Consultation] then on [Delete_CS], A popup will asking you for confirmation, type 'yes' then click on [Delete].
Print a standard lettre
Click on [ Patient ], then on [ Letters ], SoftaMed opens a drop-down list containing all your standard letters. Select a standard letter then click on [Print]. SoftaMed opens the standard letter in a Wordpad.exe document, which you can read again for correction or print directly. For more details on management of the standard letters see [Options] .
Search data
One of the strong points of the medical file computerizes, that to be able to carry out research according to certain criteria. It is one of the points strong of this program, since all the fields , can undergo a research based on text.

[1] To find the patients born a certain day, or month or years.
[2] To find the patients who took a certain batch of vaccine.
[3] To find those which are reached of a certain disease.

For example if you want to seek the patients who received a drug A and a Drug B, type Médicament A + Médicament B, like has Google and you will have the list of all the patients concerned. Research is very fast, since all the data are in your RAM. Even if you have 20 000 consultations, the answer is instantaneous (< 1 second). To carry out research, click on [Search], and choose the field in which you want to carry it out. Currently research is mono field - multicriteria, the version Cab V2.0 will be equiped with a system multi field - multicriteria.
That makes it possible to save time. Instead of typing all the word or a long expression, you can type one or two letters and by pressing on [Ctrl], SoftaMed opens a small window, enabling you automatically to supplement the word or the expression desired. If you put the cursor at the medium of a word and press on [Ctrl], SoftaMed, opens the same window and allows you to replace this word by another or an expression contained in the drop-down list. The words or the expressions contained on this drop-down list are personalisable by the doctor from the page [Med] for the drugs and diseases and from [Option][personal Thesaurus] for the other fields.

This technique is applicable as of the V1.0a version and relates to the following Fields:

- [Fee_CS] = list [Options] [Personal Thesausus] [Procedures fees].
- [Job] = list [Options] [Personal Thesausus] [job].
- [Insurance] = list [Options] [Personal Thesausus] [Insurance].
- [Vaccines] = list [Options] [Personal Thesausus] [Vaccine].
- [History] = list [Options] [Personal Thesausus] [History].
- [Clinical exam] = list [Options] [Personal Thesausus] [Symptomatology].
- [Past_medical_history] and [Diagnosis] = list [Med] [Pathology].
- [Treatment] = list [Med] [Drugs].

The pathologies added in the fields [Past_medical_history] and [Diagnosis] by using the autocompletion are preceded by a sign '~'. This sign allows to Softamed to find them in the text. Whereas the drugs are precedes by the sign '_' and that is important for softamed to find this sign in order to manages this words as drugs.
Manages Diagnosis
The presence of a pathology (word which begins with the sign ' ~ ' like ~ent-viral-infection) in the fields [diagnosis] allow softamed, at the time of a click on title [TTT], to proposing a standard TTT for this disease.

  Ex. :
Add a drug In the page [Med] click on [Drug] then on [Add Drug] type '_ Clamoxyl' in the [Drug] fields and '500mg/cp' in the [Presentation] fields then validate.

Add a Pathology Click on [Pathology] then on [Add Pathology], to add '~angina' and validate.

Add a Standard Prescription Click on [Presc-1] (Standard Prescription 1), put the cursor in in the fields [Presc-1], press on [CTRL] and type 'cl' in the field and select '_ clamoxyl_500mg/cp', press second once on [CTRL], select the details of the prescription then click on validate. The drug will be added in the fields [Presc-1].

Uses this Standard Prescription in the patient page, put the cursor in the fields diagnosis, press on [CTRL] then type 'an' and select '~angine' then validate, this will add '~angina in the fields [Diagnosis]. Now click on title [TTT] a menu will appear an contains [~angina] and [Presc-1], if you click above, '_ clamoxyl_500mg/cp: .....' will be added to it in fields TTT. Now if you click on [Print] Softamed will show you this prescription and allow you to print it.

  Utility ? : It is a little long for a rare disease, but if a pathology is frequent, like ent-viral-infection or UTI (urinary tract infection, or vaginitis, etc ... Its very helpfull to fixe a standard treatement for a frequent disease and on three click you can give to your patient a fully prescription. You can fixe 2 standard prescrition [Presc-1] and [Presc-2], for exemple for the first line treatment and the second line treatment.
Manages Treatment
Put the cursor in fields [Tx] then press on [CTRL], a window of autocompletion opens and allows you to choose a drug, already present in your list of drug, according to the letters which you type. From this window of autocompletion, the doctor can supplement the details of presription by pressing second time on [CTRL] or while clicking [Presc details] then on validating, the drug with the selected details will take place within fields TTT.

Manages investigations
Once a Patient is selected, click on [Invest] softamed will open a page containing 10 fields of investigations (In all there are 4 pages of 10 fields each one). To add an investigation, click on [Investigation] a menu appear and contains :

1- [Add investigation], while clicking above, softamed will ask you for subject then it filled one of the empty window with the title. To reach an Investigation, click on its title.
2- [Delete investigation], clik on to remove the selected investigation after confirmation.
3- [Modify Title ], click on to modify the title, and allows you to personalize your page.
4- [Envoyer_Via_Net], click on to send this investigation or report to other doctor, Softamed will open a drop-down list to select the doctor from your contact-list. Softamed select only a contact with valid username. Only contacts with valid username are able to receive this report Via-net.

To replace the investigations, click on the image which appears has left titles, then move with the mouse, thus one can change the place and moved on another box, another page, or another Patient by moving on [Patinet] or to a contact by moving on [Contact].

While clicking on [Info], a window appears containing information relating to this Investigation. The investigation or report can be edited as long as it did not forward on Internet. Once the investigation sent, it cannot be any more edited. All investigations received Via_Net can be removed but not edited.

How i can receive investigation or report via_net ??
In fact, the messages and investigation are on the server, to downlod it, go to the page [Mailbox], and click on [Check Mail], SoftaMedCab downloads and put all messages in a table, by clicking on the title you can read the message. To replace this message in the patient file, click on the image and put it on [Patient], Softamed will ask for a patient, select one and validate.
Print the prescription
To print an prescription, click on title [Tx], and on [Print] Softamed open a popup contaning all the drug present in the [Tx] field, click on print button. SoftaMed recognize as drug any word which (1) starts with a '_' and (2) is located in the begining of the line.

The printers and the rack of 'Prescription' and the limits (in mm) of impression on your papers of heading must be fixed in [Options] [Printers] [Prescription].
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