Presentation of [Options]
This page enables you to fix the various parameters concerning:

[1] Your co-ordinates.
[2] Password.
[3] The management of locum.
[4] The management of the standard letter.
[5] Internet Connection.
[6] The management of database.
etc ...

Before any modification of these parameters, Softamed ask your password.
Personal Information
[Dr_Name_Prename] = Your name and first name.
[Dr_Email] = Your Email.
[Dr_Phone] = Your phone number.
[Dr_Adress] = Your Address.
[Country] = Your Country.
Professional Information
[Dr_Speciality] = Your Speciality.
[liscence No] = Your number of inscription.
Server Parameters
[Softamed_Username] = Username delivered by Softamed.
[Softamed_Password] = Password delivered by Softamed.

* By default these data are (Softamed_user) and (1234), and they must be modified according to free-Softamed-inscription.

These data are provided by server which host your account, in general, it is SoftaMed which distributes them free. These data are necessary to allow you to send and receive mails, reports, investigations, etc... via_net.

dont give your password to a third because that allow him to send and receive messages on your behalf. And dont modify these data without contacting SoftaMed. In the future, a script will be published on the site, to allow has those which like to host their accounts on their servers.
Attention this password becomes that of the database, and it is registered inside. For example to import an old database, you must produce the password with which this database was saved.
Standard letter
Click on [Letters] SoftaMed will open a drop-down list of the standard letters present in your database (Empty by default).

- to Add a standard letter, click on [Add], validate your password. SoftaMed adds the new standard-letter's name in the drop-down list. Double-click on it to edit.

- To Edit a standard letter, double-click on a standard-letter's name on the drop-down list, and validate your password, SoftaMed opens a window enabling you to write your standard-letter directly or to import it starting from a file Wordpad.exe [RTF] or Notepad.exe [TXT].

- a standard letter, is a letter that you need to reproduce many time, (like a good condition for the school or nursery), in which only the name and the date of birth of the patient who changes. For that, writes a letter and replaces the Patient's name and his DOB by a code recognized by SoftaMed. Each time SoftaMed meets this code it will replace it by its true value.

- the codes recognized by SoftaMed are as follows :

<#Date> = Date.
<#Dr_Name_Prename> = Your name and prename
<#Name> = Patient's name. (or nothing if no patient selected)
<#Prename> = patient's prename. (or nothing if no patient selected)
<#DOB> = Patient's date of birth. (or nothing if no patient selected)
<#Complaint> = Consultation's Complaint . (or nothing if no patient selected)
<#Fee_CS> = Consultation's Fees . (or nothing if no patient selected)
<#Complaint> = Patients's Complaint .
<#Weight> = Patients's Weight .
<#Height> = Patients's Height .
<#HC> = Patients's Head circumferenceC .
<#BP_S> = Patients's Systolic Blood Pressure .
<#BP_D> = Patients's Diastolic Blood Pressure .
<#Hx.> = Patients's History .
<#C.E.> = Patients's clinical exam .
<#Dx.> = Patients's Diagnosis
<#Tx.> = Patients's Treatment .
<#Vaccines> = Patients's Vaccines .
<#Past_Medical_History> = Patients's Past Medical History .
<#Allergy> = Patients's Allergy .
<#Address_and_Phone> = Patients's Address_and_Phone

Other codes like diagnosis, treatment etc are under development.
Personal thesaurus
Click on [Personal Thesaurus] SoftaMed will open a drop-down list of dictionaries which will be use for the autocompletion in certain fields. The list of the dictionaries and the fields concerned are as follows:

[Insurance] = Autocompletion for Insurance name.
[Job] = Autocompletion for Job [M] and [F].
[History] = Autocompletion for field [Hx].
[procedures fees] = Autocompletion for the field [Fee_CS].
[Symptomatology] = Autocompletion for the field [CE] (clinical exam).
[Vaccine] = Autocompletion for the field [Vaccines].

To profit from the autocompletion, it is necessary to start by filling these various dictionaries by the terms which you use many time. For example, Add in dictionary [Symptomatology] the term 'Clinical exam = normal'. Then when you are in field [CE] put the cursor on a blank line and press on the key [CTRL], SoftaMed propose a list of terms, select 'Clinical exam = normal' and press on the key [Enter] SoftaMed add this term in the line and avoids you to typing all the expression.
Drug library
Click on [Drug library] SoftaMed will show two bouttons [Import Drug library] and [Export Drug library].

[Import Drug library]: After Password-confirmation , SoftaMed ask you to select file.drg, and charges all the drugs in a drop-down list [List_B], choose the drugs which you want to add in your database, and puch it into [list_A] then click on [SoftaMed Data list_A], then on [Import new data from list_A]. If the drug that you chose exists in your database, then Softamed do nothing. To update your Database with the list_A, click on [Update data with List_A], this will update the drugs of your database with that of the list_A and if necessary adds the drugs which are not in your database.

[Export Drug library]: After Password-confirmation, SoftaMed will post the drugs of your database in [ Liste_A ], puch the drugs which you want to export into [List_B], then click on [SoftaMed Data list_B], then on [Create library from List_B]. Then you can create a usefull drug-library and send it to a friend or to publish on .
[Curves] = Allows to fix the printer and the rack for curves.
[Prescription] = Allows to fix the printer and the rack for prescription.

The Parameters are as follows :
- [Ord_Top] = Distance in mm between the edge sup of your paper and the edge sup of the printable zone. (Value by defaut=40)
- [Ord_Left] = Distance in mm between the left edge of your paper and the left edge of the printable zone. (Value by defaut=5)
- [Ord_Width] = horizontal Distance in mm of the printable zone. (Value by defaut=130)
- [Ord_Height] = vertical Distance in mm of the printable zone. (Value by defaut=180)

*Before any modification, test the default settings, then make tiny modifications according to the tests.

* If you do dont have a printer, don't test and don't edit these parameters.
Copyright 2004 Dr Mteyrek Mohamad All rights reserved