Add Contact
Click on [Contact], then on [Add Contact] a window will open containing a empty field :
- Name.
Fill the fields then click on [Add]. The name which has just been added will be selected automatically and a empty details-field opens, which you can fill.
Delete Contact
Select the name that you want to delete, click on [Contact], then on [Delete Contact]. Softamed will ask you to confirm the suppression, type 'yes' and click 'Delete'.
Modify Contact's name
Select the name that you want to modify, click on [Contact], then on [Modify Contact]. A new window opens containing two fields, Make your modifications then click on [Modify]. The name will be modifies then automatically selected by Softamed.
Edit Contact's data
Select the name of the Contact, by clicking on the name in the Contact's drop-down list , the program posts the data of the Contact in a field [Details] which you can edit directly. Three other fields are in bottom :

- [Phone] = Phone number of your contact.
- [Email] = E-mail of your contact.
- [User] = Username of the contact.

* Username is a single identifier distibued by softamed and allow the user to receive and send a reports, messages, investigations via a server.
Search data
To carry out search, click on [Search], and choose the field in which you want to carry it out. Currently Search and mono field - multicriteria, the newer version will be equiped with a multifield - multicriteria system.
Manages Mails
Once a contact is selected, click on [Mails], softamed will open a page containing 10 empty fields [In all there are 4 pages of 10 fields each one). To add a Mail, click on [ Mails ] second once, softamed open a menu containing:

[Add Mail] : Softamed requires of you to specify the subject, then it filled one of the empty window. To reach the contents of the mail, click on its title.

[Delete Mail] = Allows, after confirmation, to delete the selected Mail.

[Modify title] = Allow you to modify the title which appears in the title-field, and allows you to personalize the page.

[Envoyer_Via_Net] = Softamed will open a drop-down list to select the doctor from your contact-list. Softamed select only a contact with valid username. Only contacts with valid username are able to receive this report Via-net.

To replace mails, click on the image which appears has left titles, then move with the mouse, thus one can change the place and moved on another box, another page, or another Contact by moving on [Contact] or to a Patient by moving on [Patient].

While clicking on [Info], a window appears containing information relating to this Mail. The Mail can be edited as long as it did not forward on Internet. Once the Mail sent, it cannot be any more edited. All Mails received Via_Net can be removed but not edited.

What is these infos :
[Date] : The date when the message was created, or forwarded on server (if Via_Net).
[From User] : User who create this message.
[To User] : user who received this message.
[Patient] : The name of the Patient, with the case or it was creates in the file of a patient.
[Mail-Id] : message-id
[Copy from] : user who sent a copy of the message for you
[Copy to] : user who receive a copy from you.
[Type] : Can be [Manual] or [Via_Net].

[Manual] : a message creates by the user softamed and can be edited.
[Via_Net] : a message having forwarded on Internet and cannot be edited any more. like that you are not likely to modify information of the messages by error. What wants to say if 100 people have a message with the same ID, they can be sur that the 100 messages have the same contents.

To send a Message to a contact via_net you need to :
1- You have a valid username (delivered for free by softamed).
2- Your contact have a valid username.

Where I must fill my username and my password ?
Fill your username in [Option][Server parameters][Username]
Fill your password in [Option][Server parameters][Password]
To allow a contact to receive a message, fill contact-username in [Contact][User].

How to modify the Contact-Username ?
Edit the [Contact][User] field and softamed will ask you for the new username.

How to obtain username and Password ?
It is simple and free contact us on [Receive_Username] .

Need for assistance
To make benefit everyone from the questions - reponses, please use the forum which is currently on [Forum] .
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