Presentation of [Comm]
This page enables you to communicate through internet :

[1] With other doctors softamed user's.
[2] With your patients (under development).
[3] By publishing medical information on your website.

Softamed evolves quickly in this domain, by developing specific tools to facilitate the communication between physician's, until the independent one-patient-electronic-medical-file, that can be tranfered between physicians and patients. Our plateform, [ssarah] give us a high-level of confidentiality .
Click on [Website] to view a drop-down list containing all your webpages. At first time, this list is empty.

In this paragraph we will try to build our website. To begin :

1- Click on [Web_Pages] to reach a menu
2- Click on [WebSite] then on [Create_website].
3- A popup appear containg some fields :
    [fname]= mohamad
    [name]= mteyrek
    [Password]= mypass

By clicking on validate, softamed open a drop-down-list on the right [Paragraph] and four buttons . Click on [Dr_info] and fill the fields :

[Dr-Nom-Prenom] = Dr Mohamad Mteyrek
[Specialité] = Pediatrician
[Titles - Membership - addresd] =
   General Practice French State Diploma
   Pediatric French Board
   etc .... [cf sample site].

Now we will add some text to our first page. Click on [paragraph] then on [Add_Paragraph]. Each paragraph contain a title and a content. You fill as you like the title and the content, with or without html-code (rich-text, tables, ...). Softamed dont accept script like javascript.

* To hide the title, begin the field-title with ##.

Your site must contain a [Curriculum_Vitae] page, up to you to let this page empty. If you forget to add such a page, softamed adds it for you before publishing the site on internet.

Once your site ready, click on [Publich_Site] and Softamed will transmit data on intenet and will construct your site with as home page [ name-nom.html]. You can reach your site while clicking on [Go_to_Website].

Your site must respect the code of deontology of your country. only contain professional and scientific information and nothing others. Softamed will watch over the respect of this rule in order to protect the interests of the softamed-community.

  • A Website personal pages examples are available on at [].
  • Mailbox
    It is about available email from softamed. For now the 500 emails have been distributed. We will see how we can enlarge our capacities.
    Need for assistance
    To make benefit everyone from the questions - reponses, please use the forum which is currently on [Forum] .
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