Welcome is a site dedicated to the medical informatics domain. Its mission consists on showing the benefits of this specialty and to encourage its distribution and use. Thus, we decided to share the results of our work and research in this domain, among which, a simple and efficient electronic medical record program for use in medical practice, called SoftaMed. [Details]
What is it?
SoftaMed is a Free Electronic Medical Record program for medical practice. It includes a system of consultation management with instantaneous access to all consultations, due to a very simple interface, a management of RDVs, correspondence and accounts (Income/Expenses), etc... SoftaMed uses the last version of FreeBase as data base that permits maximal security important in ensuring and maintaining confidentiality.
For whom?
SoftaMed has been developed to suit all specialists; whether you are a Cardiologist, Pediatrician, Nephrologist, or any other specialist, you will surely be impressed by the possibilities of the Program. Curves of growth (height, weight and HC) with instantaneous calculations of your patient's build in relation to the data published by SEMPE. Other development parameters will allow the practitioner to follow progress of the patient with time and response to treatment (e.g.: BP).
In Summary
Our team's goal is to offer a helping hand to the clinicians who want to discover the benefits of medical informatic and to make it accessible. This program will allow them to manage their medical practice without having to incur astronomical fees for commercial software that may not live up to expectations.
Plans for the future
Our work should be considered as a humble involvement in a gigantic enterprise - medicine - that is constantly evolving and becoming more complex.
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