[Dr Mteyrek Mohamad, Pediatrician].

The investigator of this project is also the programmer, beta-tester and reporter.
[Dr Khalaf Kassem, Neurologist].
[Dr El Zein Mounzer, Pediatrician].

[Beta-testers] are volunteers who test applications in the beta phase, find the bugs and propose corrections.
[Dr Mteirek Ahmad, SME].
[Dr Mteirek Mahmoud, Cardiologist].
[Dr Mulcey Barbara, SME].

[Reporters] are testers and users of release versions. They write monthly reports concerning the functionality of the program, and participate actively in the development of improved versions. They also propose new features that would be introduced in future versions.
[Dr Jacky Mas, Nuclear Medicine] [Spanish].
[Dr Mark Bugeja, GP] [English].

[Translators] are volunteers who offer their precious time to translate data into other languages so that Softamed reaches colleagues of other nationalities around the world.
Join the team :
We seek volunteers to translate the software in other languages (Spanish, German, English, Italian, Turkish, etc…). If you wish to participate as a translator, reporter or beta-tester, please tell us [Here].
NB : [Reporters] and [Beta-testers] will benefit from complete support on their versions of the software.
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